language, meanning, thought


Here is a famous example of what may be regarded as language without meaning. if you do not know it -read it and then follow the link.

Das große Lalula

Kroklokwafzi? Semememi!
Seiokrontro – prafriplo:
Bifzi, bafzi; hulalemi:
quasti basti bo…
Lalu lalu lalu lalu la!

Hontraruru miromente
zasku zes rü rü?
Entepente, Leiolente
klekwapufzi lü?
Lalu lalu lalu lalu la!

Simarar kos malzipempu
silzuzankunkrei (;)!
Marjomar dos: Quempu Lempu
Siri Suri Sei []
Lalu lalu lalu lalu la!

Chess is nonsense is chess – Christian Morgenstern’s “Das große Lalula”

One Response to “language, meanning, thought”

  1. muli koppel Says:

    This is really very interesting. In snow crash, the novel that defined the metaverse in its Second Life form, Stephenson refers to Glosolalia and explains its origins are Sumeric. Also, he explains, that Glosolalia is a language that operates on the deep structure – the language platform, to which native languages are plugged into.
    finally, unlike native languages, where a person can (supposedly) control the meaning of the words heard by him/her, in glosolalia the person is entirely helpless and must obey to what she hears.

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