Wordie: Playing with Structuralism


In a most common coincidence, two posts after Laswell’s pure content, I encounter an opposite phenomena – that of the pure form. But before that, a very short intro to Structuralism.

A simple definition for Structuralism would be a meaning acquired from the geometrical relations among the different elements of the system. Speaking of languages, words acquire their meaning not because they refer to an external thing, but from their political position in the overall linguistic structure – and open a dictionary to see what I mean.

Now, Structuralism can be very cruel. You are defined – not by what you are – but by what others say about you. It’s pure form, pure structure – no content.


Wordie – a new web2.0 service – allows you to experience structuralism, playing with words – pure words, without any context. As their tagline suggests: Like Flickr, but without the photos.

Wordie – playing with Structuralism. I feel an unexplained uneasiness here.

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