Gilles Deleuze – La durée: A Multimedia Poem


Sometimes there’s an inexplicable match between a state-of-mind and a sensory input.
This is what happened to me while listening to this fragment by Gilles Deleuze about the Duration – La durée (Click the player to listen).



What happened is that I processed the whole piece as a potential DJ Spooky track: a musical intro; Deleuze’s voice full with fluctuations, insistence, repetitions; a chaotic background noise; and finally phrases that can be cut from the entire piece and still survive – this entire Spooky complex placed me in a different emotional state.

The Deleuze piece is in French, I hope, though, that non-French speakers can enjoy it too. You can listen to the following piece several times, and each time get something else out of it. What I heard was a poem, much like the following:

Gilles Deleuze – La durée

La durée c’est ce qui se
La durée c’est une
défection . La durée c’est,
tomber en poussierrrrrrrrrrr.
Oui, oui.
C’est Flaubert. C’est Flaubert.
Et. Et.
Si ça dure, ça se décompose.
Ce n’est pas du tout Bergsonien.



“Un jour, peut-être, le siècle sera Deleuzien”, Michel Foucault

5 Responses to “Gilles Deleuze – La durée: A Multimedia Poem”

  1. Duration is that which decomposes « Jahsonic Says:

    […] is that which decomposes Via Methods and Black Squares comes this lovely multimedia poem by Deleuze who […]

  2. dimitra Says:

    excellent! je trouve tres interresente aussi la photo, c’est un film?

  3. Jared Says:

    This is fantastic! Is there any way I can download it as an mp3?

  4. muli koppel Says:

    Hi Jared

    You can download it from here

  5. El Reloj de Kafka Says:

    @muli, cannot make contact with that… any other? many thanks

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