Jean Baudrillard Just Completed the Act of Living


Via Jahsonic I have learned about the death of Jean Baudrillard. It was a strange sensation, watching the image of this man, knowing that now indeed the image communicates absence, an absolute void. RIP.

Jean Baudrillard

I thought what could be said more, and remembered a short Deleuzean reference to “La Mort”, or Death as it is called.

(free style English trans. follows)

“Ce que vous appelez mourir, c’est achever de vivre, et ce que vous appelez naître c’est commencer à mourir, comme aussi ce que vous appelez vivre, c’est mourir en vivant. Vous n’attendez pas la mort, mais vous l’accompagnez perpétuellement”.


“What you call to die is completing the act of living, and what you call to be born is to start dying, just as what you call to live is to die while living. You don’t wait for death to come; rather you are its perpetual companion”.

(Taken from Deleuze’s lecture La Taverne [on Leibniz])

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