I give myself up to language


“I give myself up to language, anon, in a gift economy”, ecko4inc

I give myself up to language

Erasure Heads, part#2

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Language, a reversed panopticon. In the heart of the desert one stands circled with guardian Words. Their gaze. All it needs to see them is to take one step outside yourself; the whole path lasts no longer than one step.

6 Responses to “I give myself up to language”

  1. The Abstract and the Real « I am emale Says:

    […] I give myself up to language, ecko for inc, methods and black squares. […]

  2. muli koppel Says:

    I wish I could control the erased meaning. Control – not in the sense of power but in the sense of a librarian. Un pli, a fold that I can share down to the smallest leaf.

  3. ecko4inc Says:

    Interpretations are not objective. Cut out the I, whisper anon. A becoming-mouse.

    The ends of man lies in the margins, a footnote on the work.

    The author is not dead. The machine is dead. Why risk the life of the feline? Build a body without organs.

  4. muli koppel Says:

    Yes, the margins are where the action takes place, for it’s where we, humans, hang out.
    But if you comment already on this one – do you reckon, Ecko, that this sentence of yours (or this sentence you revived, borrowed, modified – whatever; this sentence of yours in this specific context of a marginal correspondence) is revelatory?

  5. The Director’s Cut « Homeless Yuppies Says:

    […] the ground.  Still we repeat, we all take up that impossible task in a modern ars moriendi: how to give oneself up to language, to paint a picture of one’s innermost and invisible intentions and desires in words (gifts […]

  6. Mature Related Says:

    You gave yourself up, yet you still have a name.

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