Cut out the I, Man


Cut out the I, Man.

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Man Ray’ story of the eye had two incarnations and three names: Object intended to be destroyed (1923); Object of destruction (1932); and Indestructible object (1957). The current story is different [as the unplanned typo in the full size  image suggests]; actually, I’m not even sure that it’s the same object.

3 Responses to “Cut out the I, Man”

  1. ecko4inc Says:

    Ray of the logos. The mind’s eye. Seeing is believing.
    In quantum mechanics, time is introduced into a system by virtue of being observed. Schrodinger’s Cat: the cat is both alive and dead in a superimposition at the same time until the box is opened and the cat is observed, the wave-function collapses. The observer is a part of the system, the act of observation can never be objective; time begins with observation… the present begins with an act (from a drama, a play), a reading (here Derrida becomes clearer, Given Time)
    Possible intensions? Could you tell me a little bit more about what you think of this work, Muli? I’m an ignorant cat when it comes to the visual arts, afraid of the critics… reviewing the piece, following the thread from the paradox of the cyberpunk. Man/machine, alive/dead.
    The eyes have it…
    “And if thy right eye offends thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee; for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.” Jesus (never wrote anything but here’s the word according to Matthew 5:29)
    The Christian cyberpunk? A hyper-Christianity?

  2. muli koppel Says:

    Dear Ecko

    The Author is dead. Rest our interpretations.

    One of your comments, or was it one of my comments to one of your comments, or to one of your posts (I am [deliberately] losing tracks of the philosophy at these margins) raised the theme of the I, which ignited an association in my head to Bataille’s story of the eye. And so I googled for images of “story of the eye” and stumbled upon Man Ray’s cut off eye.

    Best wishes

  3. ecko4inc Says:

    Nice one. I like the randomness. Cut and paste the Word. Method of a stoachistic system.

    Speaking of Bataille, I use “Mr Nietzsche” in a silent tribute to Bataille’s “On Nietzsche.” It skind of a means of distanciation in referring to a writer who detests followers.

    “I live – if I choose to see things this way – among a curious race that sees earth, in chance events and the vast interconnectedness of animals, mammals, and insects not so much in relation to themselves – or the necessities limiting them – but in relation to the unlimited, lost and unintelligible aspect of the skies. Theoritically, for us happy beings, MR Nietzsche is a secondary problem… Though there exists…”

    Can there be such a thing as a Nietzschean? I find this conundrum to be analogous to the following of a man called Jesus who lived and died over two thousand years ago: the Christ and his Christians. In other words, what is an author? remaining faithful to the spirit of the text, I deny the existence of Jesus, the Son of God, as much as Zarathustra the prophet (such can be found in zealous interpretations of Nietzsche’s work – and malignment of his work too as in Nazi Germany)

    “Nietzsche is the only one to support me: he says WE. If COMMUNITY doesn’t exist, Mr. Nietzsche is a philosopher.” Bataille

    Bataille wrote this book in Paris during the Nazi occupation. Its an interesting book, alone and bereft of friends as he is at this time and elsewhere in the city, Picasso is painting, “entertaining” the Gestapo, also living alone, creating alone, not afraid of dying alone, but of dying without having communicated something of themselves, in(-)visibility.

    At times I get this fear too as do you I gather from your comment on A Marginal Correspondence with Methods and Black Squares, “this hole created after days of not writing.”

    “So let’s leave Mr Nietzsche and go on…” The Gay Science

    Peace and love

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