Rhizome [D&G]


Rhizome [D&G]

The Rhizome is a contemporary concept: it is the scale-free architecture of the Internet; it is the topology of what we consume and of how we come to consume it: peer-to-peer; mashup of components; an information river that has no starting point; the entangled graph of the Blogosphere.

Although the Rhizome is an architecture aimed for human beings, it can easily absorb other types of creatures, such as machines, allowing for the creation of a virtual chaosmic sphere having men, machines, and men-machines as the nodes of its graph. For Guattari, man has always reflected this capability of absorbing other forms of life, being sometimes an animal, sometimes a machine.

5 Responses to “Rhizome [D&G]”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I wonder where you found this graphic? I am looking to do something very similar for a book cover (the major difference being that each individual will be wearing a black mask). Is this your graphic?

  2. muli koppel Says:

    Hi there

    The original is a D&G ad to which I added, using Photoshop, an “other” D&G layer.

  3. anonymous Says:

    Thank you. Ironically, I thought of the idea before I even saw this image. It was somewhat striking to see something similar. Anyway, I think I’ll just go ahead and risk doing an original version.

    Thank you,

  4. sifiko Says:

    it’s the multiplicity…

    I’d like to know… that animal machine analogy of man… in what text did you read that??

    What I have read about man-animal-machine, is of the ‘becoming’ of man and animal and the machine that together they construct…

  5. sifiko Says:

    *not they as them, individually, but ‘they’ referring to the collective that’s involved in the ‘becoming’ (man-animal). (Or the collective in the assemblage of the ‘plane of consistency’)(Or the one involved in the rhizome)

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