Each Bottle is a Unique Individual



Medicine Bottles Waiting in Line For an iPhone 3G, 2008


Damien Hirst, 1989

Medicine Bottles in a Closet.

and see Each Fish is a Unique Individual

3 Responses to “Each Bottle is a Unique Individual”

  1. ecko4inc Says:

    In Melbourne, the local rag – the “Age” – had an article on July 12 entitled “Sorry Decartes, iPhone therefore I queue” by Jesse Hogan. They lined up – about 150 people – around the block for their next fix, another bite at a fruit that has – in genesis – led to the fall of man.

    They were expected to sell out within a few days…

  2. muli koppel Says:

    Oh ecko, this is hilarious! glad you’re here.

  3. ecko4inc Says:

    “The nationalsocialist phenomenon came along with the music of monotone military marches and people loved to queue – the longing for community.”

    Dig this post, muli. Its very innaresting…

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