Simenon: Deconstruction, Exposure, and… Boom!


“The only method I used was to obey no method at all”.

[Deconstruction:] Gifted with a strange ability to deconstruct the unseen, the “non-event”, the “on-going” banality of a daily life, [Exposure:] and to expose those tiny particles which make life so miserable, [Boom:] and then to throw in an extra element, a routine-breaker, that blows it all up, leaving behind a mutilated reality, incapable of restoring its previously false state – is Simenon.

Baudrillard must have deplored the stories of this great author, who tirelessly (365 stories, one for each day of the year, organized in 25 volumes) tore the illusion which is reality, leaving us in a void.

2 Responses to “Simenon: Deconstruction, Exposure, and… Boom!”

  1. rizwan Says:


    I am really worried about one thing … does simulacra has any similarity with Derrida’s deconstruction?

    share the answer if you feel free…


  2. muli koppel Says:

    The answer to both Derrida & Baudrillard is now clear: Obama

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