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Each Bottle is a Unique Individual

July 13, 2008


Medicine Bottles Waiting in Line For an iPhone 3G, 2008


Damien Hirst, 1989

Medicine Bottles in a Closet.

and see Each Fish is a Unique Individual


The Philosopher’s Paradox and the Layman’s Grotesque

January 17, 2007

My friend, Muriel, who’s a rebel in her own right and an artist whose work I love so much, hinted me that TAZing all day long is pretty depressing. I agree. I think that philosophical praxis (regardless of how one defines this praxis) is highly challenging and naturally sometimes very depressing, unless, of course, one enjoys passing his/her life head-banging against the wall. So I thought that at least this time “Les structures” should “descendent dans la rue” and so I unplugged myself from my 4-wheels shield, walking to work by foot and leaving my Apple’s memes-injector at home. Once in the street I opened my eyes, my ears, my nose. I inhaled deeply.


Next thing I saw was this image of Gargantua, emerging from Gargamelle’s uterus crying his instinctive, primordial cry “À boire! À boire!”. Then I saw that never ending line of roasted animals and rolling wine barrels, doing their way into Gargantua’s mouth. Fabulous Empiricism.


The Grotesque is so much the opposite of traditional Philosophy, so much the opposite that they must have something in common. At least, I think, that Paradoxes are close to the Grotesque, because the philosophers treat Paradoxes in much the same way we treat monsters or any possible hideous creature.

The Layman’s Grotesque is the Philosopher’s Paradox.


Hmm, yes, I noticed that too: once again, I didn’t look at the real world…