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800 Warhols

July 1, 2009

Modern Art. Ungrockable. What’s that square? what are those medicine bottles in a closet? and that pipe?

But then, what’s poetry? what are aphorisms? what are Zen stories all about?

if you want to shoot – shoot, don’t hide behind concise riddles and sparse words. DESCRIBE AT LENGTH! SHOW IT! SHOOT IT!

That’s it – Modern Art doesn’t shoot at anything. It makes you re-think, because you have been habituated to automatically respond to imposed categories. Even the fact that Art – that noble form of human expression – has  manifestly become a simple object of commerce, auctions, and, god forbid, markets, is manifestly part of the essence of what modern art is, part of this re-thinking.

What is it all, a joke? an art nobody understands, being bought for millions of dollars by cracked, eccentric billionaires that got too much money to spend… those damn black squares, you paint one and… better than buying a lottery ticket.

Nevertheless, the following 4 minutes vid of  anti damien-modern-art criticism is a real pl/tr/easure.

Robert Hughes: The Business of Art. Damien Hirst is all hype